Part Number Structure

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Dimensions in this catalogue are given firstly in inches with metric equivalents in millimetres in brackets. For example: - .040 (1,02).

Part Numbering System

All standard Cambion part numbers consist of 13 digits as shown here. Always quote the full Cambion part number when ordering. A full explanation of individual part numbers appears on the individual product pages of this catalogue.

See below for details of stock class, dimensional variable, plating and colour codes

Cambion Stock Class Codes

120 Solder terminal pin type     450 Single pole sockets 558 Variable coils shielded
140 Solder terminal slotted     460 Connector pins 570 Insulated terminals
160 Solder terminal - turret     461 Connector plugs 571 Insulated terminals
180 Solder terminal - eyelet     506 Insulators 572 Insulated terminals
360 Plug components     550 Chokes moulded
400 Battery holders     551 Chokes moulded
410 Component clips     553 Chokes encapsulated
435 Tooling     555 Inductors
445 Patch cords     556 Variable coils unshielded

Basic Part No - This group of four digits gives the specific part number allocated to the product.

Dimensional Variable - This group of two digits is used where a choice of a particular dimension is available. This is normally used where a pin, cage jack or solder terminal is offered with a variety of shank lengths to suit different board thickness (for example see 460-2970). This portion of the part number may also be used to indicate a choice of dimensions between pin centres of a shorting link (see 461-2871) or the length of a patch cord (see 445-3306). In the case of inductors or chokes this would determine the inductance value of the part (see 550-3399). Where only one option is available -01 is always used (see 450-3704).

Plating Finish - This group of two digits is used to define the plating of the product. You should refer to the catalogue page for actual plating specifications but in general the following codes are used.

Plating Code Plating    Plating Code Plating
-00 No plating       -06 Gold/tin
-01 Silver    -07 Cadmium
-02 Nickel    -08 Bright alloy (obsolete)
-03 Gold    -09 Hot solder dip (obsolete)
-04 Electro-tin    -10 Hot tin dip (obsolete)
-05 Electro Solder

Note also that in the case of standard chokes, these two digits indicate inductance tolerance

Dash Number Tolerance
-01 ±5%
-02 ±10%
-03 ±20%

Colour Code - The final group of two digits indicates the colour of the product. It is used where some portion of the product, normally an insulator, is made of a plastic material. See 450-4352 as an example.

Dash Number Colour           Dash Number       Colour
-00  No colour           -15      Green
-10 Black           -16      Blue
-11 Brown           -17      Violet
-12 Red               -18      Grey
-13 Orange           -19      White
-14 Yellow           -20      Natural
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