Company :

Established 1961

4,400 Sq M Facility (47,000 Sq Ft)

Quality Management System ISO9001:2015

Enviromental Management System ISO14001:2015

Scope :

Desgin and manufacturer of electronic components & interconnect solutions.

Capability :

Machining, Moulding, Stamping, Assembly, Coil Winding, Toolroom, Prototype & Design Assistance, IPC610 Soldering.
Electro Mechanical Products :

Sockets, Contacts and Connector Pins, Shorting Links, Spring Loaded Contacts and Connector Assemblies (Including custom design), Polygon Pins and Wire Wrap Termonals, Insulated and Non-insulated Terminals, Hardware & Accessories, Relay Bases and Adaptors, Cable Assemblies, Custom RF Connectors and Filtered Terminals.

Inductive Products :

Air Coils, Variable Coils, Common Mode Chokes, Toroidals, Wire Wound Chips, Drum Cores, RFIDs, Transformers and Custom Assemblies

Head Office:

Cambion Electronics Ltd., Mill Lane, Castleton, Hope Valley, Derbyshire. S33 8WR. United Kingdom

, Tel: 01433 621555, Registered in England and Wales, Company Registration Number: 00703283